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One of the most highly rated cataract surgeon by patient and colleagues. we have all the treatment options.

Cataract surgery involves removing your cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. It is normally performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic, so you are awake but your eye will not feel any pain. The operation usually takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

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There are various types of eye lid lesions. we have all treatment available.

There are various types of eye lid lesions. This information has been given to you to help answer some of the questions you may have about the chalazion, which is the commonest lump on the eyelids.

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Consultation is available on external-eye diseases.

We tend to notice tears when something is very funny, or very sad. However, if your eyes are healthy, glands in your eye are making tiny amounts of the same liquid all of the time.

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Mr Wagh is a Consultant Ophthalmologist based at the prestigious central hospital, Guys and St Thomas' Hospital NHS trust. Mr Wagh provide clinical care for all emergency and general ophthalmic conditions and specialises in Cataract surgery, Oculoplastics, and External Eye Diseases. He has particular expertise is modern phakoemulsification cataract surgery includes implantation of multifocal and toric intraocular lens implants to improve astigmatism and presbyopia which translates into spectacle independence both for distance and near.

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London Eye Specialist: 25+ years dedicated to comprehensive eye care. Specializing in affordable cataract surgery, eyelid, and external eye treatments. Trust our professionals for personalized care, ensuring optimal vision health. Your well-being is our priority in tailored treatments for diverse eye concerns.

  • Ashtead Hospital, the Warren, Ashtead KT21 2SB
  • St Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE17EH
  • BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital, Shirley Oaks Village, Croydon, CR98AB
  • Spire St Anthony's Hospital, 801 London Rd, Worcester Park, Sutton SM3 9DW

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“London Eye Specialist: Elevating Vision, Enriching Lives. I'm committed to blending expertise with compassion, fostering unparalleled ocular wellness. My tailored treatments and cutting-edge techniques prioritize individual needs, ensuring optimal vision health. For exceptional expertise and a caring touch in London's eye care, trust London Eye Specialist for a brighter vision ahead.”
Dr. Vijay Wagh, MBBS, DNB, MD, MRCOphth, FRCS, FRCOphth.

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